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Sexual Ethics: Healthy boundaries, Consent and Responding to Abuse

10th May 2018, London

Join the Centre for Islam and Medicine at this public event as we explore topics around sexual ethics for Muslim communities. We hope this will offer an opportunity for community members, stakeholders, and leaders to come together and discuss topics including healthy boundaries, consent and responding to abuse, as well as the physical and mental repercussions of sexual abuse. This open forum will address the role of scripture, interpretation, religious authorities and cultural practices, generate thoughts around how and where such discussions ought to take place, and discuss practical ways in which Muslim scholars and leaders, healthcare practitioners, and the community at large can collectively talk about and address these challenges.

Come and join the conversation with our three expert panelists, which include:

Dr Ingrid Mattson, Professor of Islamic Studies, Western University, Canada

Shaykh Akram Nadwi, Scholar, Oxford

Dr Asim Yusuf, Consultant Psychiatrist, Birmingham

Humera Khan, Consultant and Researcher, An-Nisa Society, London

This event will be LIVESTREAMED and recorded.