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Psychology Course

The Cambridge Muslim College (CMC) will be running a week long programme developed to introduce western trained mental health professionals to the philosophy and methodology of psychology from an Islamic perspective. The course will present a faith-based theoretical understanding of mental health as well as suggesting practical ways of working with mentally distressed individuals.

The course will run from Monday September 8 to Friday September 12 over five days. There will be two extended teaching sessions every day and a seminar with an invited guest in the evening. The teaching will take place at the Cambridge Muslim College, breakfast, lunch and supper will be provided on site and the provision of local accommodation is included. The cost of the course is £500 for those in work and £350 for those who are self-funded.

The course will be run by Professor Rasjid Skinner who is a consultant clinical psychologist at Lynfield Mount Hospital in Bradford. He is also a visiting professor of clinical psychology at the University of Karachi. He has worked in this area for more than thirty years, and has spent much of this time in Bradford where he has gained considerable experience of working with Muslim communities. He has also spent many years studying Islamic approaches to psychology and mental health. There will also be evening sessions with guest speakers on related topics. This will include sessions with Abdal Hakim Murad, Hakim Salim Khan and Rabia Malik. For more information, download the following brochure or visit www.cambridgemuslimcollege.org/