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Proactive Medicine: Reflections from Madinah

As a community, our focus on treatment comes primarily at the point a patient becomes ill. Few of us take precautions to look after ourselves to prevent illness from occurring; often delaying any change in diet, exercise or routines till after symptoms arise. This attitude to healthcare extends to the field of ethics, an area severely underdeveloped but desperately needed within the Muslim community in the UK.

This phenomenon is not restricted to the UK, but can be found within any country with a Muslim population. On 9th November 2014, the CIM were invited to attend a conference in Madinah entitled ‘Meet the Healthcare Leaders’, organised by the Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE), following which we were invited to present our work at one of the leading hospitals in Madinah.

To read more about out visit, read our blog post by CIM’s CEO Talha Ghannam found here