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Newcastle Fundraising Dinner


The Newcastle Muslim Medics Society will be hosting a fundraising dinner in support of the Centre of Islam and Medicine. The organisation is fast becoming the leading body dealing with issues of Islamic Medical Ethics, addressing a growing need in the community for institutions to research and understand modern problems. Examples of the questions they hope to address are:

  • How do we understand jinn possession in mental health?
  • Is organ donation permissible in Islam?
  • Can doctors sign cremation forms?
  • How do we understand IVF in Islam?

Their work has been recognised both nationally and internationally for its importance and calibre. This evening aims to introduce to the local community our work and encourage them to support this much needed project.

Whether you are a medic or non-medic, student or professional, this dinner is for you. The evening will provide an intellectually stimulating session, in an interactive and engaging environment which has been popular up and down the country. Although the issues appear medically related, they effect every one of us, whether as doctors, patients or family members.

Please support us by purchasing tickets and promoting this event amongst your friends and family. This event is truly unique and hopefully the first of many events in the North.

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The dinner will be hosted in the newly opened banqueting suite operated by the popular Luigikhan’s Restaurant. The evening will include a 3 course meal, an informative programme and wonderful company!

The address of the venue is:

Luigikhan’s Restaurant
358 Westgate Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne,
Tyne and Wear


18.00 – Doors open
18.30 –
18.35 –
Introduction to Newcastle Muslim Medics (nMm)
18.40 – BIMA Presentation (Dr Farrukh Jamil)
18.45Introduction to CIM
19.00 – Ethics in the Hospital (Sh. Mohammed Roziur Rahman)
19.15 – Case Study – What is IME?  +  Starters
20.10 – What comes next?
20.25 – Auction
21.15 – Concluding remarks & Dinner


Mr Saman Khalid – Newcastle Muslim Medics Society
Miss Saarah Khalid – Newcastle Muslim Medics Society


Mr Talha Ghannam – Centre for Islam and Medicine (CIM)
Dr Obadah Ghannam – Head of Research, CIM
Mr Abul Ibn Kalam – Chaplain (University of Newcastle)
Dr Farrukh Jamil – Medical Consultant