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New research area: Smoking

The Centre for Islam and Medicine is pleased to announce the launch of a review into the ethico-legal views of Muslim jurists on tobacco smoking. Specifically, this review will explore the Fatawa of the Ulema on the moral status of tobacco inhalation in Islam and will bring together the expertise of various scholars in both the UK and the US to do so. The worldwide burden of disease from tobacco smoking, which includes Shisha, is significant: it is now the most common preventable cause of worldwide premature mortality and morbidity, and according to the WHO, accounts for more than 6 million annual global deaths. Muslim countries are burdened like most other countries by the health impacts of smoking and it is hoped that by completing this review, patients, physicians and the wider community will have an improved awareness of how scholars have addressed the matter. The article provides an opportunity for the CIM to further test and refine its research methodology to enable it to undertake research in more complex areas in the future.