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First ‘Experts Assembly’ in Cambridge

In February 2015, the Centre for Islam and Medicine held its first experts assembly, in partnership with the Cambridge Muslim College (CMC). A number of leading scholars, doctors and academics from across the UK and abroad convened to discuss a series of questions regarding Islam, healthcare and ethics. The event marked the first step towards greater dialogue and collaboration between experts in different fields, coming together to offer their expertise around key research questions.

The day consisted of plenary sessions, each with a specific set of questions. Dr Obadah Ghannam chaired the discussions, directing questions to each of the experts to hear their comments, often bringing out fruitful and lively conversations. The broad discussion areas covered include:

  • An overview of our current work and achievements
  • Understanding and evaluating the existing research methodology
  • How we should select and prioritise research areas
  • What approaches can be used to research these areas
  • How should public engagement be on each of these research areas.

Participants of the event included:

Scholars Doctors Academics
  • Sh. Abdal Hakim Murad
  • Mufti Zubair Butt
  • Sh. Amjad Mohammad
  • Mr Amjid Ali
  • Dr Nadiah Hashim
  • Imam Yunus Dudhwala
  • Sh. Ruzwan Mohammad
  • Sh. Dr Ridhwan Saleem
  • Sh. Dr Asim Yusuf
  • Dr Daniel Jackson
  • Dr Amer Hamid
  • Dr Aman Durrani
  • Dr Javed Khokhar
  • Dr Ozair Ismail
  • Dr Aasim Padela
  • Miss Arzoo Ahmed
  • Dr Mehrunisha Suleman