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Understanding End of Life

The Centre for Islam and Medicine are honoured to host a London Islamic Society collaboration on understanding End of Life Care, bringing some of the leading experts in the field to discuss important and common questions.

The event will host Dr Aasim Padela, one of the leading thinkers in Islamic medical and bioethics with over 10 years experience and 47 publications on the subject. His presentation on end of life is the culmination of over 2 years of research on the issue. He has presented at numerous universities and conferences across the globe where he is viewed as one of the key authorities in the field. His work brings us a step closer to developing the field of Islamic medical ethics, synthesising modern understanding of medicine with the traditional outlook of Muslim scholars.

Imam Yunus will then elaborate on the common scenarios faced by patients and doctors when dealing with patients at end of life, offering advice on how best to deal with such scenarios based on an understanding of both GMC regulations and Islamic medical ethics.

The close of the programme will offer the opportunity for the audience to ask questions to each of the panel members, offering an interactive end to the evening.

All money will fund the cost of the event & research

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Dr Aasim Padela
Scholar & Associate Professor, The University of Chicago

One of the leading thinkers in Islamic Medical & bioethics, publishing over 45 papers on the subject during his 10 years experience in the field. His bioethics scholarship explores the ways in which the Islamic tradition and its authorities assess modern biomedicine and biotechnology. A key focus of this research involves exploring how scientific data and ways of knowing can work in concert with traditional Islamic moral reasoning and theology to develop a comprehensive, holistic, and theologically-rooted Islamic bioethics. Towards this end he collaborates with traditional Islamic jurisconsults and Islamic bioethics researchers around the world and co-directed a landmark multidisciplinary conference entitled Where Religion, Bioethics, and Policy Meet: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Islamic Bioethics and End-of-Life Care. Dr Aasim is traditionally trained in the islamic sciences, graduating from Dar-ul-loom, Harunia and subsequently studying with numerous teachers in America and spending a brief period in Egypt.

Imam Yunus Dudhwala
NHS Employee of the Year, Muslim Chaplain

Imam Yunus Dudhwala is the Head of Chaplaincy & Bereavement Services at Barts Health NHS Trust, located in an area with one of the most diverse populations in the country. He started providing spiritual care to patients on a voluntary basis in 1998, prior to his appointment as the first person from a minority faith to head a chaplaincy service in the NHS. In 2010, he was awarded the NHS employee of the year for his exemplary work as a Muslim chaplain. He has also served as a mosque Imam in Seven Kings and East Ham and also worked as a full-time Imam at the high security Belmarsh Prison. Originally from Blackburn and a graduate of Darul-Uloom, Bury and Al-Azhar University, Cairo. Imam Yunus is currently the Chair of the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC). He is a regular speaker at Islamic events and mosques around the country.


6:30 – Doors Open
6:45 – Welcome
6:50 – Introduction to CIM
7:00 – Imam Yunus: “A bleak prognosis: prophetic lessons to enhance communication at end of life”
  • Common scenarios and ethical dilemmas a doctor / chaplain would face in dealing with patients at end of life
  • Examples of how such scenarios should be dealt with, referring to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and his conduct
7:20 – Dr Padela: “Understanding Death: Summary of Islamic legal process and rulings on End of life”
  • Identifying ​the ​major ​sources ​of ​Islamic ​morality ​and ​how ​they ​relate ​to ​an ​”Islamic” ​bioethics.
  • Summarizing ​major ​features ​of ​Islamic ​verdicts ​on ​seeking ​medical ​treatment, ​brain ​death, ​and ​maintenance ​of ​life ​support
7:50 – Q&A
8:30 – Close



The CIM are glad to be part of a collaboration of various Universities and student societies in organising this historic event on Organ Donation. Our partners include:

  • Barts Medical School Islamic Society
  • Birmingham University Islamic Medical Ethics Society
  • Cambridge Muslim College
  • Imperial College Islamic Society
  • Imperial College Muslim Medics Society
  • Initiative for Islam and Medicine, Chicago
  • Kings College London (KCL) Islamic Society
  • London School of Economics (LSE) Islamic Society
  • Queen Mary Islamic Society
  • Royal Free, University College and Middlesex Medical School (RUMS) Islamic Society
  • The University of Chicago
  • University College London (UCL) Islamic Society


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