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Conference Presentations

It is with great joy that we inform you of the CIM’s recent acceptance to present our research at two prestigious, international conferences taking place in Chicago and Portugal. As we endeavour to build a credible academic institution, the recognition for our work amongst fellow academics is an important step forwards.

Our Head of Research and author of these works, Dr Obadah Ghannam, will be speaking on behalf of the CIM at both conferences. We request your prayers for the success of both of these presentations and the organisation overall.

Annual Islamic Bioethics Workshop

II&M 2

Learning about Islamic Bioethics is important to service the ethical issues that health professionals and chaplains may face everyday. Do you know someone who might benefit from understanding more about the growing field of Islamic Bioethics? Come to the Initiative on Islam and Medicine’s (II&M) 2nd Annual Islamic Bioethics Workshop, titled “Dissecting the Ethics of Organ Donation,” to be held June 5-7, 2015, at the University of Chicago to know more. Some of our featured speakers include:
  • Dr. Aasim Padela – “The Actors and Material of ‘Islamic’ Bioethics” and “Constructing an ‘Islamic Bioethics? Critical Concepts from Theology and Law”
  • Dr. Obadah Ghannam – “Islamic Legal Views on Organ Donation”
  • Sh. Omar Qureshi – “Health Risk Assessments: Examining the Reasoning Exercises of Medical Experts and Islamic Legists”
  • Dr. Issam Eido – “Islamic Ethics: From Fiqh to Tasawwuf”
For more information, visit: http://www.medicineandreligion.com/

Islam and Bioethics International Conference


The fourth Islam and Bioethics International Conference will take place at Coimbra, Portugal, during August 5-6, 2015. The conference will be part of the 21st Annual meeting of the World Congress on Medical Law (WCML) August 2-6, 2015.The programme will host professors and academics from institutions across the world, offering the opportunity to gain good exposure to the work we have produced. Dr Obadah Ghannam, Head of Research at the CIM, will be presenting his research entitled: “An Analysis of E-Fatwas on Tobacco Inhalation”. Other speakers at the conference include:
  • Prof. Kai (Japan) – “End-of life decisions in Japan”
  • Prof. Farhat Moazam (Pakistan) – The Challenge of “Doing” Bioethics in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan”
  • Prof. Stefania Negri – “Ebola and Human Rights”
More information can be found at: http://wafml.memberlodge.org/