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Building A Legacy

IMG_5969We as a community are facing a major trial in the healthcare domain, a trail that we at present are unequipped to deal with.  Many of us only become aware once we are in contact with the healthcare profession, which is often too late.  The complexity of the issues vary from basic questions like “At what stage can we determine a patient is dead” to more complex questions such as “What is the legal status of a 3-parent baby”, we face an incredible challenge in finding a way of addressing these issues. Without adequately dealing with these ethical dilemmas, we are in danger of our religion being seen as irrelevant.

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On February 28th 2016, we would like to invite you to attend an interactive evening discussing the way forward for our community.  This is an opportunity to be part of the process of building the legacy that The Centre for Islam and Medicine (CIM) is establishing.  The evening will include an interactive seminar to discuss some of the key issues at hand, alongside the opportunity to support the CIMs work through the fundraiser and enjoy a delicious 3 course meal.

The evening will offer you the opportunity to meet one of the founders of the organisation, Mr Talha Ghannam who will be hosting an interactive session on a common ethical scenario which patients and doctors are likely to face to help you engage with the work CIM hopes to do. This will then be followed with an auction and fundraiser hosted by popular Nasheed artist Mr Faraz Yousefzai to give you a chance to support the work – so be sure to bring a cheque book!

The evening will be hosted at the world famous Mumtaz Restaurant in Bradford, which needs no introduction. We look forward to hosting you in what is sure to be a memorable evening!