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Welcome our New Staff Member: Arzoo Ahmed

arzooThe CIM team have worked hard since it’s inception to create work streams, deliver courses, conduct research and generate widespread interest amongst the scholarly community and at the grass roots. Building on these existing successes, and faced with opportunities from a number of diverse directions, we are now at a stage where there is a need for us to revisit both the vision and the infrastructure of the centre.

The scope of my work will include answering key questions around the nature of the CIM as a service body and research organisation, outlining the core values and ethics within each of these, as well as, facilitating the process of defining key terms within the remit of the CIM to inform its philosophical and practical approach to the work. In addition to the primary order questions, which will contribute towards formulating the overarching vision, there are also questions around processes such as governance, development, engagement, and other research policies, which require further clarity, and will aid the day-to-day workings of the CIM.

In order to carry out this process of developing the CIM, we will need to do a wider survey of the current bioethics field, looking more closely at contributions relating to Islam and Muslims, in terms of the topic areas, as well as existing organisations and initiatives. A needs assessment of our local UK Muslim population will contribute towards informing the service delivery aspect of CIM. This research and proactive thinking will ensure that the CIM is setting its own agenda, and that there are effective mechanisms in place, which will allow us to approach the work with a clear rationale, allowing a consistent prioritisation of the vision and goals set out.

The aim of this exercise is to place CIM alongside other similar institutions worldwide, by ensuring that the vision is clear and the standard robust enough for the centre to have international credibility amongst the research community. Creating both short and long-term strategies will enable the CIM to form lasting partnerships and make decisions that are more effective and impacting in the long run.

This is a challenging, yet exciting time for the CIM, and I am pleased to be able to dedicate more time to contribute towards developing the various dimensions of the CIM. I am looking forward to working more closely with the trustees and the CIM team, as well as scholars and stakeholders in the field, to facilitate the growth of the CIM.