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The CIM provides an opportunity for scholars, practitioners, academics and policy makers to come together, discuss and research the most pressing questions arising within medicine and the healthcare setting today. Over time, we hope to contribute research related to the practical aspects of healthcare delivery, as well as the deeper philosophical implications of scientific advances, and how they interact with our respective values and world views. 

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“The advances in Medical science have been so vast over the last 50 years that there is a huge need for us to receive that guidance in light of the contemporary realities of medicine”

Dr Asim Yusuf
Scholar & Consultant Psychiatrist

“From a Muslim perspective there are very few resources out there to help guide us to think deeply about what our faith has to say about these issues”

Dr Aasim Padela
Scholar, Physician and Associate Professor, The University of Chicago

“A lot of us are still having to fumble in the dark to find the possible answer for our families… it is my hope that CIM would be able to have the connections and the reputation that we can turn to them to find some of those answers”

Rehanah Sadiq
Hospital Chaplain

“CIM brings together practitioners and scholars. That kind of expertise is important because you can then provide advice to the NHS and public bodies in terms of what is the best practice for Muslim patients”

Sh. Ruzwan Muhammad
Founder, iSyllabus

“The Centre for Islam and medicine is tailor made for our requirements at the Cambridge Muslim College as it operates at the highest academic level”

Sh. Abdal Hakim Murad
Dean, Cambridge Muslim College

“I constantly run into health providers who are looking for answers from the Muslim perspective… I get asked a question about hospice and end of life care nearly weekly. There is a massive need for a Muslim vocabulary around these issues.”

Imam Suhaib Webb
Islamic Scholar

“In relation to the Muslim community, there is a great need in terms of creating an understanding and awareness of the Islamic perspective on Organ Donation”

Amjid Ali
Former UK Head & Senior Manager, HSBC Amanah

“The CIM is a wonderful new initiative, seeking to engage in a lot of serious research and other projects related to Islam, healthcare and ethics requiring high levels of research” 

Imam Zaid Shakir
Co-founder, Zaytuna College

“Medicine with its evolving nature and burgeoning research poses questions for not just the practitioners themselves but those who access the services that are provided through the NHS” 

Dr Mehrunisha Suleman
Clinician & Post-doctoral Researcher, Cambridge University

“We believe Islam provides solutions for every problem that man can face, so it is very important that all sciences connected to humanity can find a harmony with religion. There are so many questions in the medical sciences where the perspective can be informed by religion.”

Shaykh Akram Nadwi
Cambridge Islamic College

“When we think of fatawa, we often think in the realm of Ibaadat (worship). Actually, 60% of questions relate to public health; what can we eat, is smoking allowed or not, spiritual health, abortion, replication of human souls, autopsy, anatomy were all part and parcel of the religious institutions”

Shaykh Ahmed Saad
Scholar, Al-Azhar University & Ihsan Institute

“The CIM’s work will be instrumental in creating a shared language through which practitioners and scholars can better communicate with each other on existing and emerging challenges within Medicine.” 

Arzoo Ahmed

“You are not only supporting the CIM, you are supporting future doctors and future patients. Anyone who wants thorough academic research to be done in this field should be funding the CIM” 

Imam Yunus Dudhwala
Head Chaplain, Barts Hospital Trust

“Research is always important, to have answers from a research background which is evidence based is important” 

Sh. Amjad Muhammad
Islamic Scholar & Researcher

“The work of CIM is very important because it is addressing questions we have been struggling to answer for the last 50 years. As a cardiologist, people ask me questions related to life and death all the time”

Dr Amer Hamid
Consultant Cardiologist & Lecturer