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Our Work

Research, Education & Engagement

The Centre for Islam and Medicine operates across three key areas: research, education and engagement. 


Research on issues related to biomedicine, healthcare, and faith forms the core of the CIM’s work.


Research conducted by the CIM will be translated into educational material that to benefit our stakeholders.


Engagement projects will facilitate dialogue and collaboration between experts of the different fields. These events may draw upon the research produced by CIM, or generate discussion on other themes captured through conference presentations, roundtables or written articles.

The CIM has identified 13 key areas for which it hopes to produce research.

The CIM has the potential to engage in a broad range of research areas. We are laying the foundations for our research agenda by focusing on a few key areas:


Epidemiological studies in understanding the health patterns Muslim and broader community in the UK.

Philosophical perspectives

This area will enable philosophical research, exploring epistemology, ethics, definitions, and language between experts of different fields and their understanding of key themes and their implications within biomedicine and healthcare.


Research on ethical challenges faced within biomedicine and the healthcare setting, as related to practitioners and patients, or more widely within the research setting.

Indivdual Projects

Independent research projects dictated by the interest of individual researchers.


As new areas of research develop, it is essential that this knowledge filters down and benefits those who are impacted by the research findings. The CIM intends to translate each research piece into different outputs appropriate for each of our stakeholders. These have currently been identified as follows:

  • Practitioners
  • Patients and their families
  • Imams and scholars
  • Healthcare Workers & Administrators
  • Policy makers

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