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One Year On

In March 2014, the Centre for Islam and Medicine held its official launch event in London, hosting over 100 people from across the country for a memorable evening. One year on, the organisation has grown from strength to strength as the concept has become a reality.

As one of our supporters, we wanted to share our success with you and inform you of some of the key highlights this year.


Imam zaid

The CIM has worked hard to enlist the trust and support of scholars, doctors and academics across different backgrounds and perspectives. The following testimonials present just some of those individuals supporting our work.


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Cambridge Muslim College
In April 2014, the CIM agreed to partner with the Cambridge Muslim College (CMC), a pioneering project that focuses on undertaking education, training and research for the development of British Muslim leadership. Read more here


Experts Assembly
The Centre for Islam and Medicine held its first experts assembly, inviting a number of leading of scholars, doctors and academics from across the UK and abroad to discuss a series of questions regarding Islamic Bioethics. Read more here

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National Events
Over the course of the year, the CIM continued to grow its reach nationally, holding events in around 10 cities across the country. These ranged from the life and death conference in London to training a Organ Donation training course in Leeds. Find out more about our outreach activity here


Fundraising Dinners
The CIM held a number of fundraising dinners across the country,raising over £40,000 for the charity. Notable guests included Sh. Abdal Hakim Murad and Dr Asim Yusuf. To help organise one in your city, email info@thecim.org.uk


The CIM has continued to grow its research capacity, bringing on a number of new advisors and beginning work across several key research areas within bioethics. Read more about our research here.


As part of our efforts to reach out further, the CIM has began delivering Friday khutbahs at hospitals and universities around the country. For those interested in hosting the CIM in their local sermon, email info@thecim.org.uk.


Research Development Engagement
Research is the foundation of our work, responsible for developing the material which will be used to educate and inform the community on the various issues within Islamic Medical Ethics. Development follows from our research, turning the material developed at the Research stage into different resources to benefit each of our stakeholders. The outward face of the organisation, designed to involve the wider community in the broader discussions taking place in IME. Events here are non-direct products of the research work.