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Lamictal causing anxiety

The Centre for Islam and Medicine conducts research addressing questions at the interface of religion and science, particularly in the context of biomedicine and healthcare. It facilitates an interdisciplinary exploration of themes related to health, illness, life and death, relying on scientific knowledge, principles of Islamic philosophy, epistemology, law and ethics.

As a multidisciplinary centre, the CIM welcomes and engages the voices and experiences of a broad range of stakeholders, including patients, practitioners, academics, and scholars. We hope to establish a collaborative network, produce research, develop comprehensive educational resources, and deliver training, to impact practice and policy.

Since our launch in 2014, we have delivered ten educational seminars, public events and meetings, attended by over 1000 people. We have participated in and delivered talks at over 50 events. We have had successful partnerships with the Cambridge Muslim College, Birmingham University and the Initiative on Islam and Medicine at the University of Chicago, having organised a forum for scholars and doctors, delivered teaching, and co-authored a peer-reviewed publication.

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Lamictal causing anxiety

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