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Catch up with The Centre for Islam and Medicine.

Launching the CIM Bioethics & Islam Masterclasses

17th April 2017

Free Livestream Sample of our opening session at the first Masterclass The 2017-2018 Bioethics & Islam Masterclasses is an interdisciplinary programme of learning and engagement where a team of experts will explore faith-based ethical perspectives on how to think about and navigate biomedical advances and their practical, moral and spiritual...
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Finding a Way Forward: Seminar & Fundraising Dinner

In the face of an ever changing healthcare landscape, new bioethical questions are emerging every day and our community is unequipped to answer them. From basic questions like “At what can we determine a patient to be dead” to more complex questions such as “What is the legal status of...
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Welcome our New Staff Member: Arzoo Ahmed

The CIM team have worked hard since it’s inception to create work streams, deliver courses, conduct research and generate widespread interest amongst the scholarly community and at the grass roots. Building on these existing successes, and faced with opportunities from a number of diverse directions, we are now at a...
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WAML: 4th Islam and Bioethics International Conference

On 5th August 2015, The Centre for Islam and Medicine (CIM) was invited to present its research on e-fatwas and smoking to a conference on Islamic bioethics hosted by the World Association of Medical Law (WAML) in the beautiful city of Coimbra, Portugal. The presentation, delivered by Dr. Obadah Ghannam...
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University of Chicago: Bioethics Presentation Success

From the 5th – 7th June 2015, the CIM participated in a workshop hosted by the Initiative on Islam & Medicine at the University of Chicago entitled ‘Dissecting the Ethics of Organ Donation’. The workshop provided an in-depth conceptual introduction to the field of Islamic bioethics and examined the practical...
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Conference Presentations

It is with great joy that we inform you of the CIM’s recent acceptance to present our research at two prestigious, international conferences taking place in Chicago and Portugal. As we endeavour to build a credible academic institution, the recognition for our work amongst fellow academics is an important step...
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